About WFCJ

The Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice was founded in 1984. Originally comprised of some of Washington's top DUI attorneys, the Foundation has, since its inception, engaged in most of the significant litigation pertaining to DUI issues in this state. Founding members included: Doug Cowan, Steve Hayne, Chris Matson, Al Rinaldi, Joe Schlosser, Fred Mendoza, Peter Berzins and Mike Frost.  

The WFCJ is a non-profit organization comprised of some of this State's premier DUI defense attorneys. Members of the WFCJ have been privately selected and invited to be members based upon demonstrating excellence in the courtroom, excellence in the ability to teach other attorneys, and upholding the highest of ethical standards demanded by the Bar Association. The WFCJ has provided the largest statewide CLE, solely dedicated to educating DUI defense attorneys in this state since its formation in 1984. In addition to providing the defense bar with premier continuing legal education, WFCJ continues to advance the rights of the accused through its amicus efforts. Moreover, the WFCJ actively participates in the legislative process, ensuring that the rights of individuals are not violated by the demand for stricter prosecution of accused impaired drivers.  

Past Presidents of WFCJ include: Doug Cowan, Steve Hayne, Ken Fornabai, George Bianchi and William Kirk. Several former WFCJ Members have served or continue to serve as judges, they include the Honorable Michael Lambo (Retired), the Honorable Marjorie Tedrick (Retired), the Honorable Bill Bowman, the Honorable Michael Frans, the Honorable Andrea Robertson, the Honorable Jonathan Rands, and the Honorable Patricia Fulton.